The Star of Life Project works hand in hand to provide youth from across the world with access to  proper health care facilities and educational opportunities to aid in preventative measures for the spread of diseases. Our organization is unique in that we operate collaborative programs both domestically and internationally. We understand the importance of partnerships and aim to work with local communities as well as international organisations to accomplish our mission. We aim to empower youth to take action, and support transformative social change. Together with local leaders and families, we transform lives with crafted solutions that are adaptive, effective and sustained long term by the community itself.


What we dO

Creating a sustainable impact at home


Although we began in international work, we’re just as proud of our work to create change in our own backyard. Our key partners work hard to create and maintain essential programs. Teachers and youth in schools across Ottawa, are our key partners. They put in thousands of volunteer hours and organizing many fundraising campaigns to help transform lives in their own communities. Through educational tools and resources that help them nurture their well-being, we’re ensuring a ripple effect of sustainable impact that will last for generations.

Creating sustainable impact internationally


The Star of Life Project works with communities around the world to empower them to break the cycle of poverty and provide them with proper access to health care. From funding the building of hospitals, to providing educational sessions on disease prevention, we listen carefully to community leaders and members so that we truly meet their needs, and then collaborate to create sustainable solutions that will improve and change their lives, not just in the immediate future but for generations to come.